8 Home Security Tips for the Elderly

In today’s turbulent times, crime – particularly home invasions – is on the rise in almost all parts of the world. This is a cause for concern towards the safety of our family members, especially our elderly loved ones.

The elderly are amongst the most vulnerable victims, particularly those who still live on their own. They are easy targets for burglars who take advantage not only of their slower and weaker movements but also of their older homes that are often easy to break into and unprotected.

However, recent advances in anti-burglar technologies are ideal for the older people in your life to ensure their safety. If you are considering installing or upgrading their home security systems, now might be the best time to do so.


8 Home Security Tips for Seniors

1. Keep those curtains shut!

This simple safety hack can make a big difference.

Open curtains are practically an invitation for burglars to come in and help themselves as well as monitor all your movements.

When you keep your curtains closed, criminals will be kept in the dark, making it harder for them to implement their unsavoury plans.

2. Install Locks on All Doors and Windows

Installing locks on all the doors and windows is a vital step in ensuring that your property stays safe from home invaders.

Don’t forget to include your garage door as well that usually comes with a traditional cylinder lock that is extremely easy to open.

All ground floor windows, and any other that can give burglars easy access into the house, should have sturdy locks with the keys in a safe location near the window so you can easily open them in case of a fire.

3. Don’t Keep Spare Keys in Cliche Hiding Spots

Over 30% of home burglars enter through the front door. They also spend some time observing potential targets so if you are hiding your keys under your doormat, in fake rocks, flower pots or even inside your mailbox chances are the thieves saw you do it.

We have to encourage our elderly loved ones to get smarter and be less obvious about hiding their keys. It is ultimately better not to leave a spare at all.

4. Install an Alarm System

Alarm systems are a standard security measure designed to detect unauthorised entries into your home.

The most basic burglar alarm consists of two terminals; for example, you put one terminal on the window, while the other terminal is on the sill. A low voltage electrical current will then pass through both terminals. If someone opens the window and breaks the circuit, the alarm will suddenly turn on.

There is a wide variety of alarm systems available in the market today. You can choose from basic wired systems to wireless models that either make a sound or are silent alarms connected to a private monitoring system who will then dispatch the police to your home.

Installation is generally easy but to ensure that everything is connected correctly, call an experienced electrician to assist in installing your chosen alarm systems.

Whatever you choose, an alarm system will be a welcome added layer of protection to keep your Nan safe and sound.

5. Improve Your Home’s Lighting

Burglars and Thieves like to work in the dark so to give them a harder time, revamp your home’s lighting scheme. Bright lighting is a possible deterrent to their thieving ways because there is a bigger chance for them to be seen by you, the neighbours, and even the police.

Walkthrough the home both inside and outside and identify what parts need more lighting and install new light fixtures immediately. Check if you have any dead bulbs so you can stock up on them and replace broken switches and fixtures right away.

Contact a professional electrician to help with repairs and also to check the overall lighting design of your home. They will be able to provide an expert’s assessment on what lights you need or don’t need as well as how to use lights to drive burglars away effectively.

Consider security lighting which uses a sensor outside to turn on a light. This can be in the driveway, by your back door and windows and even in the corners of your garden, which are common entry points for thieves. You can also install them indoors for added protection.

Your garage, driveway paths, garden and pool areas should also be lit well.

We recommend using bright, switch-operated spotlights, low-level solar lights that can mark walkways in the evening and motion sensor lights in the most unexpected places to catch thieves off guard.

6. Purchase a Digital Doorbell

More and more homes are now using Digital doorbell systems that have cameras that can be controlled and monitored in real-time via the internet by your smartphone.

Whenever anyone rings the doorbell, you’ll be able to see who it is through your phone – even if you are miles away.

You’ll not only be able to see the comings and goings of your active senior family members, but you’ll also catch some would-be thieves.

7. Equip your home with an Intercom system

An intercom system is a useful addition to your elderly loved one’s home.

They will be able to monitor who is at the door and choose to open the door for them or not.

Intercoms come in either phone only models as well as camera/phone combinations so you can see who the person is right away.

Some even go a step further and allow you to unlock the door remotely, which is a welcome feature for seniors with reduced mobility issues.

8. CCTV Installation

When it comes to securing the home, installing a CCTV Surveillance system is extremely useful because it can record and monitor indoors and outdoors around the clock.

Electricians can install a smartphone-controlled system so that the seniors can look in on their home while they are out. Immediate Family members can also use the system to check on their elderly relatives to see how they are doing.

Modern home security options are a great addition to our elderly relative’s homes and apartments.

They work well enough on their own, but when you put them all together, they provide various multilayered levels of protection, making them so much more effective in keeping our seniors safe.

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