100 Point Safety Check

Ensure the safety of your workplace with a comprehensive safety check - only $249 plus GST!

100 point safety check

100-point safety check identifies old, degraded or even incorrectly installed electrical equipment and wiring in the workplace. Its key purpose is to highlight areas that could be dangerous, potentially leading to fires or electrocution.

Smillie can perform a thorough check of your premises and, at completion, will provide you with a comprehensive report that outlines our findings and recommendations for repairs or upgrades. We can undertake this work for you, ensuring that your premises are safe.

If you have recently purchased or leased premises, we strongly recommend having a safety check performed to ensure that everything is in order. We also recommend having regular checks performed after this to ensure that wiring and electrical equipment remain in tiptop condition.

Some of the areas that we cover include:

  • Inspection and assessment of the switchboard
  • Testing of circuit breakers and safety switches
  • Inspection of all existing wiring and connections
  • Checking for proper earthing at light fixtures
  • Inspection and assessment of power points, outlets and light switches

Why not take advantage of our $249 plus GST safety inspection pricesl? Contact Smillie Electrical Services on 03 9069 9660 today!

Areas We Service

Smillie provides 100-point safety checks across the southern, eastern and inner city suburbs of Melbourne.

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