Why You Should Update Powerpoints with USB Sockets

Nowadays, our powerpoints are used more than ever to charge USB devices, to the extent that you may wonder if you really need as many traditional plug sockets as you used to. But should you update at least some of your powerpoints with a USB socket? Read on to find out whether this is a great choice for you, and how Smillie Electrical Services can help bring your home into the twenty-first century!

How is a USB socket different?

A USB socket should not be a huge change to your home; it is, after all, just a powerpoint. It has the regular option for your normal plugs, while also providing spaces for your USB ports.

Not only that, but you can also have up to six USB outlets in just one powerpoint, allowing space for all your essential devices to charge at once.

Should you upgrade?

If you are tired of trying to find a compatible plug to go with your USB devices, or you find yourself turning on your laptop just to get some charge, then it might be time to think seriously about making the switch. Your powerpoints are overcrowded with charging leads and different plugs, whereas a USB powerpoint allows you to put the USB directly into your wall.

Charging this way is also a lot faster than using your computer or laptop to charge your devices, or relying on a power bank, so you can enjoy faster charging without the hassle of needing another device.

Is it safe?

Not only are USB powerpoints safe, but they can also actually be safer than using a traditional powerpoint to charge your devices. If you use the USB powerpoints, you are creating more space around them, which reduces the chances of overheating, power surges and other electrical faults.

However, while USB sockets are perfectly safe, they should always be installed by a qualified electrician who knows exactly how best to place them in your home for safety and convenience.

Get in touch

Are you ready to make the switch and upgrade some of your powerpoints for the convenience of USB charging? There’s no time like the present! Get in touch with Smillie Electrical Services to have your USB powerpoints installed as soon as possible. Our qualified and experienced electricians are well versed in powerpoints and sockets of all kinds and can advise you on the best way to add this convenient extra to your home, where you might need it, and how many you should get. Let us know how we can help you make life that little bit easier.

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