Electrical Repairs & Faults

Smillie’s qualified electricians can quickly diagnose faults in your home.

electrical repairs & faults

Electrical Repairs & Faults

It should come as no surprise that electrical faults can pose a serious risk for the safety of you and your family. It’s important to identify them as early as possible to prevent the possibility of fire or electrocution.

Smillie’s qualified electricians can quickly diagnose faults in your home and provide an appropriate household electrical repair solution or replace non-working parts.

Electrical Repairs & Faults

Our team will thoroughly examine the contributing factors to the problem your home is experiencing (such as wiring faults, switchboard faults or faulty electrical appliances), recommending electrical maintenance and carrying out repairs that will ensure your home is safe once more.

Electricity Supply Issues

But wait – before giving us a call, it’s a good idea to check whether your area is experiencing an outage (or ‘blackout’). If your neighbours also don’t have electricity, it’s probably due to an outage with the electricity supplier rather than a fault with your home.

Common Electrical Faults

Is your power dropping out sporadically?

Maybe you felt a minor electrical shock when plugging in an appliance or even experienced a short-circuiting of your electrical goods.

When you’re experiencing any problems like this, there is a good chance that an electrical fault is causing it. Here is a list of some common electrical faults and how they can affect you.

Electrical Surges

This is when you see a little flash of electricity, almost like lightning in your own home. While this lasts only a few microseconds (a fraction of a millisecond), this can cause a lot of damage. This can cause fires in your home, fry your circuit breaker, spread to other outlets in your home, and lead to very costly damage.

Flickering Lights

If your lights dim for no reason, begin flickering, or even burn your lightbulbs out — you may be experiencing the result of loose electrical wiring or voltage fluctuations. Loose wiring can lead to arcing, which puts your building at risk of fire.

Constant Circuit Breaker Tripping

If your circuit breakers are continuously being tripped, it means that too much power is being drawn out or that there is a ground fault causing this. If there is a ground fault, it means there is contact between electrical components that should not be occurring. The circuit breaker tripping is a safety mechanism that prevents this unintended contact from causing damage.

Electrical Shocks

When electrical wires aren’t properly installed, electrical shocks can be experienced when plugging in appliances. While this is more prevalent in old homes with poorly fitted circuits, this can still be experienced today. This can be due to damaged wires, wires too close to each other, and other faults.

Are you experiencing any of these common electrical faults? Get in touch with our qualified electricians so we can give a diagnosis and help prevent costly damage and potential harm.

Areas We Service

Smillie provides electrical repair services across south east Melbourne, including: Ashburton, Beaconsfield, Berwick, Burwood, Camberwell, Ferntree Gully, Glen Waverley, Hawthorn, Kew, Lysterfield, Malvern East, Narre Warren, Rowville, Oakleigh, St Kilda, Caulfield, Malvern, Blackburn and Upper Beaconsfield.

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