Moving Offices? Here’s How a Commercial Electrician Can Help

Are you in the process of moving to a new office?

While moving offices can be an extremely time consuming task with a lot of costs involved — not hiring a commercial electrician to help you can result in expensive mistakes, wasted time, and unnecessary headaches.

You may need to hire several vendors to help you with the process, including handymen, movers, a plumber, or even an interior decorator. However, some of the most essential services which cannot be overlooked are those of an electrician.

Functioning electricity in your office premises is absolutely critical for your business operations. You will need power for your everyday tasks like lighting, computers, freezers, appliances, and other vital resources. Electricity installations and repairs can take several days or weeks to complete, interfering with you or your employees’ work, which can cause severe problems for your business.

This is why hiring a commercial electrician can be one of the smartest decisions you make when moving offices. You will not only get your electrical repairs done by a professional, but your business’s regular schedule will continue uninterrupted. A good electrician will ensure that you smoothly settle into your new office while suggesting improvements.

Below are some of the top reasons why you should hire a commercial electrician.

Keep your employees and yourself safe

To help eliminate potential dangers and safety issues, your electrician should conduct a thorough inspection of your office premises. This will help protect staff and visitors from damaged sockets, trip hazards from electrical cords, electrical fires, faulty wiring, and other electrical problems. A safety inspection will also help protect your equipment against damage and interruption to electric flows.

Minimize downtime and maximise efficiency

Shutting your business for electrical work wastes unnecessary amounts of your business’s resources and could lead to tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of dollars of lost revenue,

In many cases, this is due to preventable and unnecessary interruptions. Smille Electrical Services helps you to avoid such disruptions by installing and maintaining electrical work to ensure that your business continues as usual. Electrical installation and maintenance should minimize the time wasted and the money lost by ensuring that the business’ regular schedule continues.

Quality electrical work

Hiring a commercial electrician ensures that you get someone with specific commercial electrical installation skills who will carry out quality electrical work. Rushed and poorly done electrical work is quite noticeable and results in sloppy performance. It can cause serious safety concerns for the work environment, the workers, clients, and visitors. A skilled commercial electrician will help you get the peace of mind of knowing that a competent expert is handling the job.

Additionally, a commercial electrician possesses skills to work on a variety of installations and locations, including offices, retail centers, restaurants, water parks, and more. They can work with power distribution, setting up computer room power systems, setting up data centers, installing and repairing lighting systems, Connecting HVAC and freezer equipment, energy management systems, and more. Due to the scope of their skills, commercial electricians are thoroughly equipped for your electrical needs.

Due diligence before moving in

Moving into a new office just to find out that you’ll need to completely strip out the electricals and invest in a new fit out can be a terrible experience.

Investing in a commercial electrician to perform due diligence beforehand can prevent you from costly mistakes related to the state of the electrical system in the new premise. In many cases, if you are purchasing a new or existing property, you are required by the law to perform due diligence or research on the property before signing an agreement or contract.

A commercial electrician will review inspection logs of electrical tests done previously on the building. This will help them see any pre-existing issues and they will be able to provide evaluations and suggestions on the cost of repairs or to overhaul the complete system.

As part of their general inspections, commercial electricians perform an emergency lights inspection and regular maintenance. This helps to lower the risk of circuit blowout and other lighting issues. Emergency lights are vital during a blackout or electrical failure as they illuminate the premises for easier evacuation.

Equipment testing

To help you save costs, a commercial electrician will test all the current equipment and machinery. This will help you determine which ones to replace and help you save hundreds of dollars in repair costs. By carrying out the circuit breaker testing, they will help to support its safe and reliable performance. Circuit breakers conduct electrical currents and disconnect the fault currents in case of a fault.

Regular testing of electrical equipment can detect issues that could damage equipment and hurt your staff before they cause any harm.

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