Emergency Notifications: Does Your Business Have A Plan?

Current events continue to highlight that nobody is immune from the threat of an emergency situation – businesses of all shapes and sizes, located all over the country, are at risk. In our experience, the first thing that breaks down in most emergencies is communication. Whilst some businesses provide employees with training on how to respond, this is not true of them all.

Sending Out a Warning
The ultimate goal of any emergency notification system is to quickly and effectively warn people of an active threat – and with modern technology, this has never been easier. When selecting a system for your business, you need to consider which methods will do the best job of warning everyone in the shortest amount of time possible – email, for example, is hardly effective.

Most people, however, have their mobile phones on them at all times. A simple SMS text alert is something that is far more likely to reach employees in a timely manner. A recorded message or siren that comes over the intercom will also get everyone’s attention straight away – just ensure that you have thought about who will be responsible for activating it.

Need for Training
Keep in mind that the implementation of an emergency notification system is not enough on its own – employees should also receive training and instruction on how to respond appropriately in the event of an emergency. They should be aware of the nearest exits, which routes will get them there, and what they should do if confronted head on with the threat.

Other steps can also be taken that will make a big difference to the likelihood of everyone getting out safely. You could, for example, place a trauma kit (with medical supplies) somewhere in the workplace. This could very well save someone’s life if they need immediate medical attention prior to emergency services arriving on the scene.

Locate and Rescue
Another factor to consider is how you will be able to determine which employees are safe and how you will be able to find out if anyone is trapped in the building, in need of assistance. Facebook’s Safety Check is a great tool, but you will often have to wait until it’s activated to use it. Emergency phone trees are another means that employees can use to touch base and let others know they are safe.

When used effectively, a well thought out emergency notification system can save lives. You will be able to quickly warn everyone on the premises, avoid the spread of misinformation and ensure that your business has a comprehensive threat response plan in place. Combining a system with appropriate training will better prepare your employees for whatever may be thrown at them.

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