5 Key Signs Your Office Needs Electrical Maintenance

Want to ensure your employees are safe and working at the highest efficiency possible?

Electrical faults in the office can cause a number of problems. Ranging from minor complaints from employees, to damaged brand reputation from disgruntled clients, and even to extreme situations which could have severe legal ramifications due to injury or loss of life.

But when you have all your electricals in your office sorted, you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower electricity bills
  • Better visitor experience
  • And so much more…

However, if you’re inexperienced with electrical faults, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you need electrical services conducted.

Here are 5 signs your office requires electrical maintenance

#1. Employee complaints

The easiest way to quickly find electrical problems in your office is to target the obvious issues that employees have already complained about.

This could include flickering lights, appliances causing breakers to trip when plugged in, hot wires, and anything else electricity-related.

In many cases, even the most minor of problems could be an indicator of more complicated issues that can lead to expensive repair costs later down the line if not attended to earlier. If your employees have reported any electrical issue, no matter how small, it is a good idea to call in an electrician to have a look and conduct further analysis.

A quick tip to ensure that any electrical faults are detected as fast as possible is to incorporate a system where any faults in the office can easily be reported and anonymously if desired. This could be a simple box for problems, a Slack channel for faults, or a quick mention during meetings.

#2. Expensive electricity bills

It’s important to keep a rough track of how much electricity you’re using in your office.

By comparing your electricity usage over time, you can determine if certain changes in your electricals have caused a sharp increase in electricity costs. If you notice that there was a dramatic increase in electricity usage without there having been any major changes in appliance usage — this is a good indicator that your office may have an electrical fault and will require electrical maintenance services.


In some cases, you can even work with an electrician to decrease overall electricity usage to save money over time. This is especially useful if electricity usage makes up a large portion of your business expenses or creates a significant financial burden. An example would be large multi-level offices that require constant lighting.

#3. Old lighting and electricals

If your office is still using very old electrical appliances, there is a high probability that you’re using more electricity than you have to.

As technology advances, the efficiency at which they perform exponentially improve. One prime example of this is lighting. Older lighting options such as CFL or incandescent light bulbs use significantly more electricity than their modern LED counterparts.

Working with an electrician will allow you to pinpoint areas of inefficiencies that could be causing you to use more electricity than necessary. They can also replace these for you and give your office a more modern appeal and allow you to have a more energy-efficient workplace.

Another example that is extremely important is the smoke alarm. When these are installed, they are often forgotten about afterwards. However, it’s important to ensure that these electrical devices still contain the batteries required to safely alert everyone in the office when smoke is detected.

#4. Faint noises

While a slight buzzing noise might not be an immediate cause of concern, especially if it comes and goes, it can be an indicator of a more serious electrical fault. Depending on where the noise is found, for example, your lights or your circuit box — the root cause can be completely different.

Some examples of where a faint noise may be heard can include around electrical wires, electrical outlets, and electronic devices.

By booking an inspection with a good electrician, you can ensure that every area of your office is safe. Your electrician will check the wiring, causes of any sounds, and the potential presence of faulty electricals.

One of the most common noises you may hear is a light sizzling sound from your circuit breaker. This can be caused by damaged wiring, loose wiring, and the potential requirement for replacement. If your circuit breaker is damaged and making sizzling or buzzing noises, this could mean that it is faulty and will not trip even when there is a serious electrical fault. This can lead to fires and extreme safety hazards.

#5. Moving into a new office

Whether you’ve downsized or hired a bunch of new employees, there comes a time in every business where you need to move to a new office.

If you’re moving to a modern and recently renovated office, in most cases, you can rest easy knowing that all your electricity needs are met. However, if you are using more electrical appliances than your office was designed for or you use unconventional devices — it would be a good idea to book an inspection with an electrician.

Older offices are even more important to have inspected. Before you decide to sign an agreement, you should hire an electrician to inspect the area and determine whether there are any electrical faults that could hinder your business operations. In some cases, some additional work will be required before you move everything into your new office.

Inspecting your new office before moving in can save you a lot of time and money. If you discover electrical faults after you have already made the transition, business operations may have to be put on pause and can lead to significant loss of revenue.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring your office doesn’t have any electrical faults is essential for the safety and wellbeing of your employees, your visitors, and yourself.

Even minor problems like faint buzzing or flickering lights could be indicative of major problems that could lead to injury or even loss of life. Whether you’re in a new or old office, it is absolutely essential to book an electrical maintenance service. This way, you can rest easy knowing that all your electricals in your office are in safe working order.

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