Essential Checklist to Finding a Professional Commercial and Domestic Electrician

There are a lot of jobs you can DIY around your home or workplace, such as painting and gardening, and even putting up a few shelves. However, no matter how handy you are, you should never attempt your own electrical work. Qualified electricians go through four years of on-the-job training before they become licensed – and even then, things can go wrong. Unfortunately, that leaves you with the task of finding a professional commercial or domestic electrician who is up to the task. Use this checklist to make sure you’ve found the right trade for the job.

If you’re looking for a professional commercial or domestic electrician, it pays to shop around. You should do your own research and ask plenty of questions – especially for those challenging projects. Contact the team at Smillie for a free quote, you can be confident we’re up to any task.

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