Where should I install a smoke detector?

Most people are unaware of just how fast fires can spread, with small fires sometimes engulfing properties in a matter of minutes. Once you consider the ferocity and volatility of fire, it’s important that your smoke alarms can detect fires that start anywhere in your home or property. Knowing where to install a smoke detector can be the crucial difference between a minor fire and a devastating event. Here are a few tips to ensure safe installation:

Install a number of smoke detectors throughout your property

It is generally recommended that you install several smoke detectors in a property, particularly if it features several floors. Indeed, you should install a smoke alarm on every level of the house, including basements and attics. There should also be alarms in every room used for sleeping. This is because fire is at its most dangerous when people are asleep. The quicker sleepers are alerted to the presence of fire, the more likely they are to escape unscathed.

As a general rule, ensure that someone in any area of the house would be able to clearly hear an alarm. If you own a large property, you will simply need to purchase more detectors.

Try and maintain distance between the smoke alarm and cooking appliances

It is a good idea to try and maintain a distance of at least ten feet between smoke detectors and cooking appliances such as ovens and grills. This is because kitchen appliances that generate heat can easily trigger false alarms.

Place your detector high up on the wall

You should try to install your smoke detector within one foot of the ceiling. This is because smoke rises and higher detectors perform more effectively.

Keep detectors away from drafty areas

Remember to keep your smoke alarms as far away as possible from doors, windows, air conditioning appliances and air vents. Indeed, the drafts produced by these household features could interfere with the detector’s effectiveness.

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