The Benefits of Conducting a Home Energy Audit

Keeping track of how much energy we consume is usually a tried and tested way of ensuring that our electricity bills stay within a manageable and affordable range.

We think our home electrical system is working fine then experience bill shock by receiving higher than projected power bills, throwing off budgets and causing undue stress.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend conducting a full and professional home energy audit.

What is a Home Energy Audit?

Home Energy Audit or home energy assessment is a systematic check or audit of your entire home’s energy flow and consumption.

It can help reduce your annual electrical bills, saving you money as well as lowering your

home’s carbon footprint.

An energy audit at home will show you home much energy (kW/hs) you use, as well as how much is wasted by faulty connections, leaky insulation, and older, higher energy consuming appliances, among others.

The professional electrician that will conduct your home energy audit will look out for potential problem areas in your home that need immediate attention to ensure your family’s safety. Some of these issues include looking out for old frayed wires and even checking for gas and boiler leaks.

The audit will also take into consideration the size of your home and the number of residents. It will note the weather in your area and how much power you consumed during the past summer and winter months. If there are any utility bill spikes or dips, the auditor will check and determine what caused them as well.

Your entire home will be examined, room by room, floor by floor. Specialised equipment or tools may be used for a more accurate reading.

If you plan on selling your old home, making any energy-saving improvements, or thinking about incorporating renewable energy solutions to your existing home, you should conduct a home energy audit first.

What are the Benefits of a Home Energy Assessment

Reduced Electricity Bills

When presented with the complete audit report, you’ll be able to identify where to save power and to make the changes needed to make your home more energy-efficient. These measures will significantly lower your future utility bills.

Lower Carbon Footprint

The audit will also identify what is causing your home to waste energy unnecessarily. Addressing these issues will lower your home’s carbon footprint. Some solutions include purchasing newer appliances, installing or improving insulation, adjusting your heating systems, and preventing drafts by replacing leaky windows and doors.

Uncovering and Addressing Potential Bigger Electrical Issues

Since your home will get fully inspected during the energy audit, it is possible that other potential problems with your home’s electrical – even water and structural systems – might come to light. Once they are discovered, and if found early enough, you can already get repairs done before it gets worse.

Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

If you have plans to put your home on the market, potential buyers will appreciate the results of a home energy audit. It not only shows buyers an accurate picture of the home’s energy costs and needs, but they will appreciate the honesty and effort you took to inform them. This can make your home’s value increase as well as possibly close the sale faster than expected since the audit will remove any doubts your buyers may have regarding the electrical systems and energy consumption of the property.

Are you looking into getting a home energy audit for your home? Smillie Electrical Services will gladly assist you. We have over 20 years of experience in providing prompt, professional, and reliable electrical services. We can conduct an energy audit on your home and even business to give you a clearer picture of your property’s energy needs.

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