Is Rewiring a House Messy?

Worried about damaging your home or making it a mess when having it rewired?

If you’ve just purchased a new property, an electrical safety check may have indicated that a rewiring would be necessary. Or if you’ve been living in your property for some time, you might find warning signs that it’s time for a rewiring, this can include:

  • Fuses blowing out excessively
  • Lights flickering or dimming
  • Burning smells and sizzling sounds
  • Electrical shocks, and more

In either case, it can be a worrying project for homeowners. But there are some ways you can minimise the mess and make the experience painless.

What type of mess can be caused?

When rewiring a home, the electrician will need to access every wire in your home. Occasionally this means that floorboards have to be raised, walls have to be drilled into, carpets may have to be removed, and more.

This can cause some dust to get into the air, plastering requiring repair, and possibly some repainting of walls.

However, in general, the whole process is a lot less stressful than most homeowners had initially expected. The mess is easily cleaned afterwards and you’ll enjoy the safety of a properly wired home.

By choosing to work with a professional and well-regarded electrician, you get to enjoy a smooth process where you get to return to a mess-free home.

Rewiring before you move in

If you’ve purchased a new property and have yet to move in, it is essential that you have your wiring checked beforehand. This ensures that the property is safe in terms of electrical usage. Once you move in, decorate, install carpet, paint your walls, and other tasks — rewiring becomes harder.

By choosing to rewire a home before you move in, you skip past the headache of packing your stuff, covering everything, and finding another place to stay for a few days.

This way, you won’t be exposed to any dust and the whole job can be completed in one go, along with any necessary clean up.

Rewiring your existing home

If you’ve already moved into your home or have lived there for several years now, it is still possible to rewire your existing home and there is no need to move out.

Generally, the process will take 2-7 days dependant on the size of the job.

We will ensure that you have power and a clean house by the completion of each day.

Speak to a professional home rewiring specialist and let them know your needs.

Tips to minimise mess

While it is impossible to completely avoid a mess, there are some things you can do to minimise it. Here are 3 ways to minimise mess during an electrical rewiring:

#1. Remove all decorations

This includes paintings, clocks, lamps, and every other bit of decoration. You can place these into boxes to protect them from dust.

#2. Cover it up

For objects which can’t easily be removed, like TVs and furniture, simply cover them up to protect them from mess.

#3. Plan carefully with a professional

By working with a professional electrician, you can work together to create a detailed plan and desired outcome.

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