How Using a Commercial Electrician Can Attract More Tenants

Every commercial property owner wants to attract promising and credit-worthy tenants who will stay for the long term.

Although the real estate market is very competitive and cyclical, your commercial property can stand out from the competition if you make improvements that can attract good tenants. This can be achieved by selecting the right vendors, right from electricians, plumbers, to handymen and other tradespeople. These are people who work with you closely, and it is essential to foster a transparent and professional relationship.

A commercial electrician is a critical relationship for your real estate business. Unlike other electricians, a commercial electrician is adaptable and creative and can come up with solutions spontaneously and can suggest inventive ideas to get the work done quickly. It is vital to choose a commercial electrician who is professional and with good experience, especially with commercial buildings.

A good commercial electrician will save you both time and money, therefore, look for an established company, because it will come with lower service costs and well-trained technicians.

Hiring a commercial electrician for your commercial property will help you attract more tenants due to the following reasons:

Increased Safety For Your Tenants

The number one priority for any resident, is the safety of their family, pets, belongings, and themselves.

A licensed and professional electrician is great at finding potential hazards and suggesting improvements that increase security and comfort. They also possess good knowledge of the current security measures and needs and will also recommend the best products for your property.

When tenants know that they can rely on emergency lighting in case of a fault, or that their CCTVs will never fail to work and they can use the automatic lights to light their way when they get home at night, then they will feel safer.

Improved Aesthetics & Design

Want to make your property more beautiful and appealing for viewers scrolling through dozens of potential listings?

Everybody loves a property with impeccable lighting. Whether it’s a chandelier, lit up entrances, or any other creative lighting option — this will dramatically increase the appeal of the property and lead to an increase in viewings. As a result, you’ll be able to attract more tenants to your property.

When you contract a commercial electrician, they will be able to help you create a unique aesthetic utilising all forms of electricals. Better yet, if you have a design in mind already, you can show your electrician and they’ll help create a plan to take your property from where it is now to where you want it to be.

Besides the outdoor aesthetics, the electrician will also install effective indoor lights to light every room thoroughly. Proper lighting is also suitable for those with poor visibility, ensuring that their eyes are protected from further damage.

Improved Energy Efficiency For Your Property

Are your tenants paying for their own utility bills?

Providing your properties with efficient electricals allows your tenants to enjoy lower utility bills. This makes it more likely for them to stay and leave positive reviews for future tenants.

A professional commercial electrician will help you choose the best appliances, which are more energy-efficient. The devices with more star ratings have better energy efficiency and are the best to use in your commercial property.

Retain Existing Tenants

In addition to attracting new tenants, working with a commercial electrician will also help you retain your existing tenants.

While acquiring new tenants can increase your cash flow, the existing tenants you have are the foundation. It is absolutely vital that you keep them satisfied and keep them from leaving.

Your tenants will feel safe and comfortable when they know that all their electricity needs will be met immediately by a reliable and dedicated electrician. Hiring a commercial electrician means that you can contact them anytime you need them. This saves the headache of having to scroll through contacts, which may lead to unreliable vendors. By working with the same commercial electrician, they will understand your preferences and deliver the best results.

Less Impact on Daily Operations

Business does not need to stop simply because you are carrying out repairs. A commercial electrician will ensure that repair work is done quickly with minimal interruptions so that work can proceed as usual.

At Smillie Electrical Services, we understand this, that’s why our experts work fast. We are well-versed with the unique needs of commercial properties and will ensure that your tenants don’t waste a day without electricity.

Ability to Handle Multiple Issues

A commercial electrician is experienced enough to work on multiple electrical issues. This saves you the stress of having to call in a specialist every time a problem arises.

Whether you need a repair team for your property’s landscape lighting or a specialist to install a backup generator, a commercial electrician is up to the task. Your tenants feel at peace, knowing that no matter their electrical issues, they will be sorted out.

Hire A Commercial Electrician

Commercial properties that are occupied by tenants benefit significantly from a mutual relationship with a commercial electrician.

By working with one vendor, you save yourself the hassle of looking for a specialist every time you need installations or repairs. If you have multiple properties, you will not need to supervise the work yourself because the contractor will mobilize their team and get the work done.

Smillie Electrical Services is a quality electrical company with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We will handle all your real estate electrical needs end-to-end and ensure that you get new tenants while maintaining the existing ones. Contact our professional and dedicated team today for some lighting up.

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