Create An Impression With Outdoor Garden Lights

When you’re looking to illuminate your home of an evening, either to bring a layer of safety and security or to highlight aspects of your home’s architecture, the right outdoor garden lights are a must. But the wrong ones could mean that your goals aren’t achieved to their fullest. In the list below, we have taken a closer look at some of the lighting solutions we can install around your home:

  • Entryways
    There is nothing more annoying than getting home late at night and having to stand outside your front door, fumbling with your keys as you try to find the right one in the dark. With entryway lights – particularly if they’ve been placed on a sensor – you can ensure that you’ll be able to find the right key and get inside quickly.
  • Walkways
    Do you have a notoriously treacherous pathway from your driveway to your front door? Or do you have a backyard pathway that you wouldn’t mind illuminating for the dogs of an evening? There are a variety of solutions specifically designed for pathways, from stakes that are set into the ground at intervals to lights set into steps.
  • Alfresco Areas
    If your home has a nice patio or alfresco area, we’re sure that you’ll want to install some outdoor lights so that the space is usable of an evening. Whilst overhead lighting is the most obvious (and the most popular) solution, you could also look into fixtures that will help you to create a certain mood or ambience (such as string lighting or lanterns).
  • Landscape
    When your home has a particular architectural feature that you would like to turn into a focal point, even at night, landscape lighting will be your best friend. Spotlights can be used to cast illumination upwards to highlight key features, well or pond lighting sit flush to the ground to illuminate water features, and poolside lighting allows for a nighttime swim.
  • Security
    If you’re worried about potential intruders scoping out your property or even trying to break in when darkness falls, security lights could give you real peace of mind. They are generally mounted in areas where access might be found (such as a front, rear or side door) and are placed on a sensor that will set them off when they detect movement.

We can help you to choose outdoor garden lights that meet your needs perfectly, as well as ensure that they don’t cost you an arm and a leg to power and that they don’t encroach on your neighbour’s property. Whether you have some idea of what you’re looking to illuminate or you’re going in blind, contact the Smillie Electrical team today and let us create a plan for you.

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