Common Electrical Problems That Require An Electrician

If you have ever gone without electricity for a period of time, such as a power outage, you will have realised exactly how much we rely on electricity in the course of our daily lives. As such, when a problem arises it is understandable that we want it rectified as quickly as possible. Below, we have outlined some of the more common electrical problems that require the assistance of an electrician:

  • Flickering Lights
    If you have noticed lights in your home flickering, the first thing you should try is changing the bulbs to ensure that it isn’t just an easy fix. If they continue flickering, it might be due to poor wiring or a faulty fixture, both of which require a professional electrician to fix.
  • Tripping Circuit Breaker
    If your circuit breaker keeps tripping and you don’t know why, pay attention to when the trips occur to try and figure out the cause. If you live in an older home, for instance, it may not be designed to handle the wattage required by modern homes.
  • Costly Electricity Bills
    If your electricity bills are increasingly and there is no valid reason why (such as turning on all the lights in your house for hours at a time), an electrician can assess the energy efficiency of your home. Older appliances are a common cause of high bills.
  • Exposed Wires
    This will often occur as a result of a DIY renovation. Exposed wires might seem unimportant, but they do pose a serious fire hazard for your home. Call an electrician to tidy them up; they will ensure that they are properly covered and made safe.
  • Strange Smells
    Any kind of smell coming from a switch or outlet is cause for concern. If you get even a small whiff of anything, stop using that switch or outlet immediately – arcing could be behind the smell, which is a fire hazard. If you cannot find another source for the odour, call in the professionals.
  • Too Many Cables
    When a room lacks outlets, we often use power boards and extension cords to power our various appliances. As well as being inconvenient and unsightly, this is also a hazard – you could trip on a cable or something could short circuit. Ask an electrician to install more outlets.

Whilst DIY projects are a great way to spend your time, fixing electrical problems around your home should not be one of them. Electricians have been specifically trained for these sorts of jobs, so know how to complete works as safely and conveniently as possible. The next time one of these common problems occurs, ensure that you contact the professionals immediately.

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